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Museum to be closed for maintenance May 1 through September 4, 2017

The Palmer Museum of Art and Museum Store will be closed May 1 through September 4, 2017, for maintenance work that will improve the facility’s water treatment equipment, including the heating hot water system that controls relative humidity in the museum.

The process will involve taking measures to ensure the works of art in the museum’s collection remain in an appropriate temperature- and humidity-controlled space, which is essential for their preservation.

“This temporary closure affords the Palmer the time necessary to thoroughly complete this important maintenance that will allow the museum to continue meeting its chief mission of preserving and protecting the works of art in its care,” said Jeremy Warner, security and facility manager at the Palmer Museum of Art.

While patrons may not be able to visit the museum in person, they can still view the collection online, thanks to the efforts of the Department of Art History’s Visual Resources Centre (VRC), with the assistance of Publishing and Curation Services in the University Libraries and the Palmer Museum staff. The collection is publicly accessible through the University Libraries Digital Collections at