The Art of Teaching: Medical Education and the Integrated Curriculum

June 1 - September 1, 2024

This exhibition extends a partnership between the College of Medicine and the Palmer Museum of Art that features an integrated arts and science curriculum for medical students. This curriculum incorporates various museum-based exercises that are designed to build core skills such as communication, teamwork, and observation as well as to support discussions of relevant concepts in medical education and patient care, such as professional identity development, navigating ambiguity, team-based diagnosis/interpretation, and death and dying. This exhibition will present a selection of works from the museum’s permanent collection related to these concepts, evident in the thematic subsections: The Art of Medicine; Health, Wellness, and Dis/Ability; Imposter Syndrome (Professional Identity); and Death, Dying, and Grief.


Organized by the Palmer Museum of Art with faculty collaborators Mark B. Stephens, associate dean for medical education, and Michael Flanagan, assistant dean for student affairs, College of Medicine (University Park).